Signal Integrity

Stay stable

AdMOS offers support for the design and analysis of passive components at board and chip level. We calculate and optimize our customers’ products in terms of signal integrity, electrostatic or thermal behavior and electromagnetic compatibility even before prototypes are built.

High-Speed Interconnection

The range of applications extends from coaxial connectors, customer-specific serial bus connectors for USB or Gigabit Ethernet, complex high-speed PCB connectors to high-voltage connectors for electro-mobility. In addition, there are IC packages, multi-chip modules, printed circuit boards and structures on integrated circuits which have been analyzed by AdMOS.

State-of-the-art software is used for the simulation and analysis of 3-dimensional components. In our well-equipped measurement laboratory we can determine the characteristic properties of the components in both, time and frequency domain.

Modeling and Simulation

Can it be more than just a component, such as a connector? If so, we are the specialist for complete system simulations in the form of a design or feasibility study.

If you then want to pass on simulation models of your products to customers, we are the right contact. We generate models in SPICE, Touchstone, IBIS or Verilog-A format and offer in addition the necessary support for them. This includes the verification of these models by measurements in the time and frequency domain.

AdMOS also designs and produces the necessary test equipment and measurement procedures.

EMC Electromagnetic compatibility

If a product failed the EMC test or of course already in the run-up to a new development, we support you in the analysis of possible EMC problems. Through 3D electromagnetic simulation we gain insight into the components and systems of our customers and can identify the weak points which can only be measured during the test as behavior at the interfaces to the outside world.