SPICE Modeling Service

The success models of AdMOS

Simulation libraries

As part of our customer service, we develop SPICE simulation libraries for CMOS and GaN processes. Our range includes ultra-modern FinFET processes in the nanometer range, RF CMOS and high voltage and high performance MOSFETs. Discrete power devices are also part of our portfolio.


We carry out a variety of tasks for this purpose such as:

  • Complete device libraries based on the latest simulation models that contain all statistical effects needed for an efficient application in analogue and digital designs
  • Models for RF MEMS and sensors
  • Modeling of RF effects based on S-parameters, noise and non-linear performance
  • Age and degradation effects, SOA and many more
  • Implementation of assessments for the verification of foundry libraries with current test hardware

Simulation libraries and the documentation related to them are compiled in customer-specific formats that allow a seamless integration into the design flow of our customers. Our stringent quality control and flexible customer support system are also excellent reasons to co-operate with us.

Semiconductor measurement laboratory

AdMOS performs a wide variety of measurements necessary for modeling in its lab.

  • DC, CV measurements over a wide temperature range (-60°C .. 200°C) using state of the art instruments of Keysight Technologies
  • Low frequency noise analysis
  • 4-port S-parameter measurements on wafer and on board level
  • Two semi-automatic test stations are available for this purpose:
    1. Suess PA200 for wafers up to 200mm diameter
    2. Cascade Microtech PA300 for wafers up to 300 mm diameter