admos MOS
  • MOS Modeling Tools

    MOS Modeling Tools

    We develop software that is used worldwide in semiconductor fabs as well as fabless design houses for generating simulation models for CMOS... » more
  • admos-flicker-noise

    Flicker Noise System

    AdMOS offer 1/f noise measuring solutions that can be easily incorporated into all common wafer prober systems...  » more

  • design-support

    Design Support

    AdMOS assists you with the design and the analysis of passive components at board and chip level. We calculate and optimise... » more

  • spektralmessung

    CMOS Modeling

    As part of our customer service, we develop SPICE simulation libraries for CMOS processes. Our range includes ultra-modern... » more

  • EMV-signal

    EMC and Signal Integrity

    We can get insight into many EMC and signal integrity problems by using the 3D simulation technology. This method can be applied... » more

  • simulationsmodelle

    Simulation Models

    AIf you would also like to offer your customers simulation models of your products, then talk to us. We generate models in SPICE-... » more

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