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Design Support

AdMOS assists you with the design and the analysis of passive components at board and chip level. We calculate and optimise our customers' products with regard to signal integrity, electrostatic, thermal and electromagnetic compliance even before a prototype is made.

Our range of applications covers coaxial connectors, customer-specific serial bus connectors for USB or GbE, complex high speed board to board connectors or high voltage connectors for electric mobility as well as IC packages, multi- chip modules, printed circuit boards and structures on integrated circuits.

We use state of the art software for the three dimensional simulation and analysis of components. In our up-to-date laboratory we can determine the components' characteristics in the time and frequency domains.

If you are looking for more than just a component like a connector, we are the experts for complete system simulations and will carry out design and feasibility studies. Even if a product did not pass its EMC test, we can help you analyse the reasons for this.

With the help of simulation technology we can show up connections that are unmeasurable or barely detectable.

admos MOS Services

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